Wednesday, July 28, 2010

its all about heart

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dear Baby,

I had my second doctor’s appointment today. Your dad did not go with me, though he asked if I wanted him there. But, he had work to do and we need as much work as we can get before you make your appearance into this world.

The appointment went well. They ran a bunch of tests and examined me to make sure everything was going as according to ‘plan’. So far… so good. I got to hear your heartbeat again! It is so amazing to hear you. Every day I have to remind myself that you are with me, that you are my baby that I’m carrying. It feels like I’m dreaming and the only time I escape that dream is when I get to hear your heart beat.

The doctor said you have a healthy heart beat of 160 beats per minute.

Up to this point I’ve been feeling ok. I’ve had my days that I can’t get up enough energy to get out of bed and other days that I seem completely normal. Some days I can’t seem to get enough to eat, while others I take three bites and suddenly can’t eat anymore. My cravings so far haven’t been too extreme. Ice cream and spaghetti. But I loved those two foods before I was pregnant. I hope you love spaghetti too because it is the only food that I know how to cook!

February the eighth… that’s when the doctors are saying you will be in this world, in my world, and I can’t wait. You have already brought me and your dad closer and I did not know that was possible. You have also got the two of us to start going back to church. You, baby, you are my unplanned miracle, the one that I didn’t know I needed and you are already changing my whole world.



Current weight: 124 lbs.

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